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To tackle the global crisis facing kelp forests we need to work at a global scale, and broadly develop and implement solutions. To this end, we have established the global 

Green Gravel Action Group.

This international group of researchers will trial green gravel restoration in different regions. Together we will communicate research findings and develop general protocols for different kelp species and in different parts of the world. This will facilitate broad implementation and uptake of the tool.


Is an Associate Professor of Marine Botany and a former Australian Research Council Future Fellow within the UWA’s Oceans Institute. His research covers a broad spectrum of topics, but his primary interests lie in the ecological interactions in and around shallow sub-tidal habitats. Although his interests are broad, much of his work has been focused on temperate seaweed-dominated habitats such as kelp forests.

Is a Research Fellow within UWA’s Oceans Institute, she is a Marine Ecologist studying the drivers and patterns of long-term change in coastal ecosystems. Her expertise centres on climate-driven changes to kelp forests, including shifts to alternate ecosystems. Her recent work is focused on restoration approaches in kelp forests through the Green Gravel tool.

Melinda is a Principal Research Scientist with the Department of Primary Industries (DPI), NSW Fisheries based at the National Marine Science Centre in Coffs Harbour. Melinda’s current research centres on connectivity and population genetics of habitat forming seaweeds, with a focus
on implications for conservation both
now and under future climate scenarios.

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