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Earp et al. 2024

An assessment of the utility of green gravel as a kelp restoration tool in wave-exposed intertidal habitats. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

Filbee-Dexter et al. 2022

Green gravel trials in Norway (project 10). Restoration in practice: projects from around the world. In: Kelp Restoration Guidebook: Lessons Learned from Kelp Projects Around the World

Wood et al. 2024

Upscaling marine forest restoration: challenges, solutions and recommendations from the Green Gravel Action Group. Frontiers in Marine Science

Eger, AM & Wernberg, T 2022

Introduction. In: Kelp Restoration Guidebook: Lessons Learned from Kelp Projects Around the World (Chapter 1).

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Green gravel as a vector of dispersal for kelp restoration. Frontiers in Marine Science: Marine Ecosystem Ecology

Filbee-Dexter, K & Wernberg, T. 2022 

Leveraging the blue economy to transform marine forest restoration. Journal of Phycology

Enevoldsen et al. 2022

Green gravel - a novel kelp forest restoration method tested on an artificial boulder reef in Danish waters

Fredriksen et al. 2020

Green Gravel: a novel restoration tool to combat kelp forest decline. Nature Research Scientific Reports

Pessarrodona et al. 2022

Global seaweed productivity. Sciences Advances

TNC & KFA et al. 2022

Kelp Restoration Guidebook: Lessons learned from kelp restoration projects around the world. The Nature Conservancy & Kelp Forest Alliance

Coleman et al. 2020

Restore or Redefine: Future trajectories for restoration. Frontiers in Marine Science

Affiliated Websites

seaforrester logo.png

Seaforester Portugal 

SeaForester is currently coordinating two projects focusing on the restoration of kelp forests in Portugal.

Copy of LoveRimurimu_Logo_Colour_digital_Inverse_bluebackground.jpg

Love Rimurimu

Love Rimurimu is a community-led and kaitiaki-guided seaweed regeneration project aiming to develop scalable methods to restore different seaweed species at significant sites in Wellington together with research and industry partners.


Wernberg lab

The Wernberg Lab. One of the principle research centres for the Green Gravel project.
University of Western Australia


Fucalean Forests

Our project is looking at the responses of habitat-forming brown macroalgae of the genus Cystoseira onlocal and global stressors. The main goal being to learn more about the factors that drive the regression of fucalean species along the Istrian coast.


Gravel of Hope by
Nuno Vasco Rodriquez
Oceanographic Magazin
(Issue 30- May 2023)

Seaforester founder Pal Bakken - featuring on BBC's programme "Follow the Food - The Carbon Challenge" 
(3rd November 2021)

Press Release:
Official launch of the Green Gravel Action Group - Axel Bugge (Seaforester)
(8th June 2021)

Global Aquaculture Alliance - Kelp Parachutes
(10th May 2021)

WSL, Regeneration Surf, and Shiseido Team Up To Restore Kelp In Portugal - World Surf League 
(3rd March 2022)

Embrace kelp forests in the coming decade - Feehan et al. 2021 (Science) (20th August 2021)

University of Western Australia - Help For Kelp
(8th June 2021)

Opinion Article:
Aftenposten - Grønn Grus (in Norwegian)
(21st April 2021)


Green Gravel Videos

Green Gravel Videos

Green Gravel Videos
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March 2023 Meeting_Option 1_Recording

March 2023 Meeting_Option 1_Recording

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Green Gravel Action Group

Green Gravel Action Group

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The Green Gravel Concept

The Green Gravel Concept

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